Other Products


We know how important it is for a business to keep their machines operational and running smoothly at all times. At Southern Hydraulics you will find everything you need to ensure your machines work at maximum efficiency.

  • Barrel Pumps

  • Degreaser

  • Cutting Fluid – Neosol MCT

  • Diesel Filler Guns and Hose Assemblies

  • Hand Pumps – Rotary Type

  • Maxol Oils

  • Pneumatic Greasers

  • Penetrating Spray

  • Lube Shuttle Grease Guns

  • Oil Cans

  • Oil Absorbent Granules

  • Hydraulic, Gear, Diesel, and Tractor Oils

For more information on any of our products call Southern Hydraulics today or visit us in store.

Safety Equipment

One of the most important things to any business is the health and safety of all employees. Southern Hydraulics stocks a complete range of essential safety gear and equipment that will allow your business to meet the necessary health and safety guidelines and laws.

  • Axle Stands

  • Beacons

  • Rubber and Vinyl Cloves

  • Storage Bins

  • Steel Tipped Boots

  • High Vis Jackets

  • Safety Masks

  • Cable Ties

  • High Strength Tow Rope

  • Safety Signage

  • Emergency Beacons

  • Ear Plugs

  • Ear Muffs

  • Hard Hats

  • Safety Goggles and Glasses

  • High Vis Arm Bands

  • Reflectors

  • Spillage Kits

  • Rags

  • Dust Masks

  • Oil Dry

  • Hand Cleaner

  • First Aid Kits